Enjoying the Pleasures of Sex in Later Life and Why 19 is the Magic Number

Enjoying the Pleasures of Sex in Later Life and Why 19 is the Magic Number

We read some interesting stories this week that we thought we’d share on the blog. Firstly, is news that older couples are enjoying sex later in life – and so they should! Secondly is a story about the amount of time couples enjoy intercourse for (including foreplay) – and the resulting magic number of 19, which we don’t think is too bad…

Are Women Ever Too Old For Sex?

Answer? Absolutely not! A recent survey suggested women are more sexually satisfied in their 80’s than their 50’s and two writers on the topic were in entire agreement.

One spoke of younger people finding the idea of passion in older people distasteful, but this attitude needs rethinking. We should respect and acknowledge the sexual needs of older individuals.

Intimacy has many health benefits in older life too – from mimicking the raise in heart rate of gentle exercise (although sex is far more fun!) to lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system and giving us a psychological boost.

Personally we aim to be having sex as late in life as possible – and we say bravo to those who do!

19 is the Magic Number

After surveying 4,400 Brits the average time for us to be having sex with our partners is 19 minutes. Now that may not sound a huge amount, but with 10 minutes of foreplay and 9 minutes of intercourse we don’t think it’s half bad. Half of us are happy with that amount of time too and feel appropriately pleasured. However due to time pressures a number of us make do with a “quicky” despite wanting our love making to last longer than a quick hop on hop off situation!

This research comes from Lovehoney who have launched a Mind The Gap campaign aiming to help more couples achieve shared orgasms.

Night & Day Update

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