The Barnsley Boast: Lovers Score Themselves 9.5 Out of 10 in the Bedroom

The Barnsley Boast: Lovers Score Themselves 9.5 Out of 10 in the Bedroom

Ever noticed gentlemen and women from Barnsley walking with a bit of a swagger? Or a bit bow-legged?! That’s because they really rate themselves in the bedroom! This and other fun news below.

The Barnsley Boast

Barnsley is home to the UK’s hottest lovers according to a new survey published in the Daily Star. Folks scored themselves a near-perfect 9.5/10 with going for hours without getting tired as well as working hard to please their other half in the bedroom being some of the qualities respondents felt they excelled at.

When citing potential reasons for this self-confidence, it is thought that being a smaller town lends itself to a better work/life balance and thus more time to get down and dirty between the sheets. Practice really does make perfect after all.

Other Top Tens

With an aggregate score of 9/10 and in second place were Hereford, Stoke and Lincoln whilst a slightly more humble third place went to London, Manchester and Sheffield who scored themselves an average of 8.

Further down the list came Nottingham, Cambridge and Liverpool scoring themselves a 6 and bottom of the board came Belfast where collectively people scored themselves with just a single point out of ten!

Other News

In other news from across the pond, a survey in Houston has led to some insights about relationships and sexual behaviour:

  • Forty percent of respondents believed in the concept of soul mates (awww)
  • Over two thirds of respondents would not be willing to drive more than half an hour for a new relationship
  • Meeting significant others via the mobile world of apps was far more preferable than through social means for those in the city as supposed to the suburbs.

There we have it – a random mixture of facts for you this week!

Our Ladies

We love exploring and learning about the world of relationships and sex – although we are disappointed that Portsmouth didn’t make it into the top spot for sexual prowess! We think our ladies could give Barnsley a run for their money any day of the week.

In Night & Day news we have a number of gorgeous escorts awaiting photos – 7 lovely ladies will be having photoshoots soon and we’ll let you know so you can enjoy their final images on the website.

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