What Are Our Biggest Turn Ons?

What Are Our Biggest Turn Ons?

Everyone has a trait or a kink that makes them tick! What turns us on is the subject of many blogs and articles – and it doesn’t have to intimate. Bustle have listed some of our biggest turn ons, both sexual and non-sexual. Read them below.

Top Seven Sexual Turn Ons

These are:

  1. Neck kisses – That delicious tingling sensation… you just can’t beat it!
  2. Your partner/s saying “I like that” – a little verbal affirmation goes a long way…
  3. Being undressed – there’s something incredibly erotic about your partner unveiling you slowly, piece by piece
  4. Your partner going down on you – more of a turn on for the guys than the gals, 56% of women rated it so vs. 76% of men
  5. Undressing your partner – so it goes both ways! We get off on taking each others clothes off as well as having our own removed. Works for us.
  6. Ear nibbling – ears, like necks, are incredibly sensitive. And we love ours being nibbled!
  7. Lingerie – both women and men are fans of this. The Bridget Jones pants may have to go into hiding after all…

Top Seven Non-sexual Turn Ons

In contrast to the above, these are:

  1. Smelling good – those extortionately expensive scents are worth it after all! Someone who smells great can be incredibly arousing
  2. Being affectionate – we all want to be shown love and it can be a massive turn on too
  3. Feeling appreciated – undoubtedly wonderful, but also something that can get us going it seems!
  4. Good sense of style – so the devil really does wear Prada! Someone who looks good is a huge turn on
  5. Intelligence – book smart is super sexy, and being able to hold an intelligent conversion can get us going
  6. Confidence – it’s something so many of us struggle with however it really turns our partners on and is incredibly attractive to be around
  7. Generosity – being kind to each other really does pay off… in more ways than one!

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