Christmas Time, Mistletoe and… an STI? Christmas Party Antics Gone Wrong

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and… an STI? Christmas Party Antics Gone Wrong

Not our most glamorous title we admit! But a fascinating news piece highlighted the frankly rather high number of Christmas party colleague hook-ups that ended up in more than just the walk of the shame. This and why British male accents are the sexiest on the planet on the blog this week.

Christmas Party Encounters Gone Wrong

It may be a decision you can’t wait to forget come the next day, however increasing numbers of us are waking up with more than just a hangover after the annual Christmas party;

  • One in five has enjoyed a sexual encounter at the Christmas bash
  • One in ten has caught an STI from a colleague at said bash
  • 13% would tell a manager after contracting an STI from a colleague, 8% would inform HR and 4% would speak to their firm’s legal team
  • 13% wouldn’t tell the colleague if they contracted an STI from them

We love a bit of tongue in cheek fun but not telling the person you contracted an STI from can have serious and far-reaching consequences for fertility and other people. Sure it’s embarrassing, but it’s still far better to tell than not tell in this instance.

As for telling management… that one might be taking it too far for us. It’s fun between friends after all! Or better still – stick to lemonade for some of those free drinks rounds on the company and avoid the whole unpleasantness altogether!

Male British Accent the Sexiest on the Planet

American women find British and Scottish accents the sexiest on the planet according to a new poll. While a whopping 20% of respondents went with the British accent, the Scottish accent wasn’t far behind with 18% of the vote. Obviously Scotland is a part of Britain though – so take the geographic slant of the results as you wish!

And it’s not such sweet news for us ladies either unfortunately – as female British accents didn’t even make the top 5 sexiest according to American men. Instead the most lusted for lilts are;

  1. Israeli
  2. Colombian
  3. Australian
  4. French
  5. Southern

Other News

We’re looking forward to the festive season at Night & Day – we hope to enjoy some time with our wonderful clientele too! Merry Christmas from all the team, xx.

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