Christmas Lists and Pleasure Positivity

Christmas Lists and Pleasure Positivity

As silly season gets into full swing, individuals are starting to enjoy some well-earned downtime during this wonderful time of the year. This month we’ve got some numbers from British couples, information on the Pleasure Positivity campaign by Ann Summers and links to literary gift ideas designed to keep things hot between the sheets…

Ann Summers Promotes Pleasure Positivity

The Mirror has reported on a survey of 2,000 British couples who revealed how much they enjoy their intimate lives with one another. With almost half surveyed reporting they have sex once a week, at the other end of the scale 10% didn’t have sex at all with their partners. After sex, 42% of women reported feeling completely satisfied, vs. 52% of men.

The Pleasure Positivity Campaign by retailer Ann Summers that conducted the research, encourages couples to talk more about sex – after finding that 41% of Brits find it an awkward topic to discuss with their partner. It aims to share the best ways of communication in the hope that women and men’s satisfaction with one another will increase.

Stress Affects Sexual Performance

The Mirror also reported on a survey which shows that stress at work affects us in the bedroom – for men particularly, this can manifest in erectile dysfunction or avoiding sex altogether, with upto 20% of men affected. Over 1,000 men were surveyed and stress, anxiety and depression were cited as the main things to negatively impact their sex lives.

Something Sexy to Read this Winter?

Lastly, has compiled a fabulous list of literature for this winter season. From lust-centric titles such as Tell Me What You Want to Reckless and The Slave, this is your comprehensive one-stop-shop for erotic literature this Christmas. Read it here.

Happy Holidays! x

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