Safe Sex: Why Fewer Men Are Wearing Condoms

Safe Sex: Why Fewer Men Are Wearing Condoms

A recent Cosmopolitan survey showed that fewer men are electing to wear a condom. With STI rates in the USA increasing consistently, we’ve got some answers as to what would change people’s minds – and what would encourage more would don the rubber instead of dumping it!

A Spike in STIs

Prior to 2013, STI rates were actually declining. However over the last 4 years these have increased consistently and at a significant rate. Condoms are not being used as much – the survey results as to their usage are below:

  • Just 22% of respondents always used a condom
  • 50% never used a condom
  • 65% did not use a condom the last time they had sex

Those are some high numbers!

Opting for Rubber

So what would make more couples opt for rubber? The responses came in as:

  • 45% of people said they would wear a condom if they were having sex with someone new
  • 35% would choose to if they or their partner had an STI
  • A further 35% would if they were trying not to get pregnant
  • 27% would if condoms were guaranteed not to break
  • 27% would if they and their partner had not discussed STIs yet

We all know how much fun sex is… let’s just play it a little bit safer 😉

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