One for the Girls: High Libidos and Dreaming Dirty

One for the Girls: High Libidos and Dreaming Dirty

We love that we’re in a more sexually open society now – and recent news supports the notion that women are more comfortable with their sexuality than ever before – having it, enjoying it… and dreaming about it!

Dreaming Dirty

According to a new survey of almost 3,000 females aged 16 to 92, in alignment with falling levels of prudishness in recent decades and the sexual revolution, modern women dream about sex 3 times more than older women.

As we become more open, it seems are dreams are following in the same way! 😉

Female Sexual Appetities

Another story has found that nearly half of women (43%) want more sex than their male partner and share in sexual frustration that they’re not getting enough action. In the same survey, 42% of men were cited to feel the same – finding themselves with a higher libido than their other half. Over 2,000 men and women were surveyed by UK site IllicitEncounters, designed for extra marrital dating.

This mismatch of libidos is said to be responsible for just over half of extra marrital affairs and a red flag for daters.

Interestingly, a higher percentage of women (74%) spoke to their partners to try and sort out the issue in comparison to a lower percentage of men (57%).

Women are becoming more open and frank about their sexual desires – and we think it’s a wonderful thing!

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