Meat and Two Veg: Do Meat Eaters Have it Best in Bed?

Meat and Two Veg: Do Meat Eaters Have it Best in Bed?

The bad puns are back and we’d like to welcome everyone to 2018! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas (despite the fact we’re less likely to get down and dirty when relatives are round – or if we do, we make sure to use less uh, noisy positions). Today we’ve got a tongue in cheek tale of meat and two veg as well a timely tale of minutes between the sheets!

Does Diet Link to Sex?

First of all, let us heed a slight warning about the validity of this survey – it’s been conducted by a meat company! However, it’s still interesting that their (probably not overly empirical) results indicate that those who eat meat get more action between the sheets.

Apparently, 42% of those who eat meat once a day have sex once a week or more. This is in comparison to a reduced 16% of those who do not eat meat or who eat meat once a fortnight. The survey was of 2,000 people.

Broken down further it’s the Welsh community that had the highest proportion (49%) of its meat eaters enjoying sex once a week or more followed by the English on 46% and the Scottish on 40%. The most popular meaty dish to precede a night between the sheets (aside from the obvious!) is steak.

So it seems it’s plain and simple which is the preferred culinary method to ignite the passion among meat eaters. Roast dinners, spaghetti bolognese and curry also made the sexy grade.

Time Between the Sheets

Another survey has released figures on how long we’d like our love making to last. In fairness, as long as both (or however many there are) parties get what they came for (no pun intended) we’re not totally bothered about the time it takes… However it seems we’d like our love making to last around the 25 minute mark – whether we’re male and female.

It further turns out that the US is closest to this mark with an average duration of just over 17 minutes with India coming in at a lesser 15 minutes. We don’t know what the UK’s time was – but it clearly wasn’t of note enough to report!

Other News

Cheesy news out the way, we’re looking forward to a fun year ahead. Our Ladies page as ever is always being updated with new photos – take a look at the latest selections. Why not learn a little bit about where we work too? See what’s on offer in Bournemouth, Winchester, Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth on their respective pages.

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