Mile High and Keeping it Long: The Latest Naughty News

Mile High and Keeping it Long: The Latest Naughty News

Can you believe it’s Spring already? Where does the time go! As the weather heats up, so does the news – read on.

Keeping Foreplay Looong

A Maxim survey has revealed that both men and women are after more of one thing in the bedroom – and it’s foreplay. It’s tempting to rush foreplay and get straight to the main course, but both sexes are after a little bit more time on the entrée. Tempting and teasing until you can’t even think straight can make for an amazing session in the bedroom.

Second to more foreplay is the trying of new positions – awesome as it is to go through the usual selections, sometimes different angles keep things hot for a couple!

Mile High – All the Numbers

A survey of over 10,000 dating website users was conducted where respondents spoke about the famed Mile High club and what really happens as we traverse the skies.

Firstly, 30% of these sky high hookups are with strangers! Whether inebriated by the free booze or just feeling in the holiday mood, we’re certainly more risqué in the air. Only 5% have dared to actually join the mile high club too – although 78% of us do fancy a romp on a plane.

When we’re confined to a long tube thousands of feet up in the air, we tend to head for the loos to have sex (59%) whereas 31% of us keep things in between the seats and 9% have their dalliance in the galley.

In addition, 18% of sexual acts happen with crew, 37% happen with partners and 15% happen with friends. Over two thirds do it on a night flight and 13% get busted – it’s up to the person who catches them how they approach the situation. I imagine most do with a sly sense of humour!

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