Which is the Most Sexually Active Profession?

Which is the Most Sexually Active Profession?

Looking for a profession to get down and dirty with? Apparently it’s farmers that get the best action and farmers that rate themselves the most highly in the bedroom. Read on for more…

Let’s Talk Percentages

Lelo surveyed over 2,000 men to get an idea of sex life by profession. And it was farmers who came out on top… in all senses of the word 😉

Just over a third (33%) of farmers claimed to have sex at least once per day – that is great going! 67% of farmers also claim their sex is incredible. Trip to the country anyone?!

17% of hairdressers in addition to teachers, lawyers and advertising professionals claim to have sex frequently too, not far behind farmers in terms of times per week.

And it’s architects, advertisers, doctors and labourers who claim to be the best in bed whilst lawyers are the hardest to please – almost one third of them claim to fake orgasms!

In last position? It’s bad news for journalists we’re afraid! They get the least sex. Oh dear…

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