Good Sex Takes Time and Doing the Dirty Past Sixty

Good Sex Takes Time and Doing the Dirty Past Sixty

With the warm weather finally in full flow we’ve got some great stories for you this week as well as our round up of agency news.

Good Sex Takes Time

Unlike the movies, it can be rare for mountains to move the first time we connect with a new partner intimately. It’s something we’re ok with however as a recent survey discovered. Over 2,000 Americans were asked about their first time with their significant other and 58% of them claimed it was awkward or even terrible!

The second time can also be awkward it turns out, and the third… in fact it was found that most people will tolerate 4 or 5 disappointing sexual experiences before cooling things off with a new partner and it can take that long to come (no pun intended) good.

As for reasons for this – 53% worry about how their body looks for their partner and 48% worry about being able to please them.

Considering so many people feel the same trepidation, perhaps we can all try a little bit harder to relax and enjoy the flow as it seems everyone has similar worries.

Doing the Dirty Past 60

We love this story! 40% of those aged 60 – 75 are still having sex, and they’re sexually satisfied with what they’re getting to boot. Bravo!

This survey showed that sex did decline with age and illness however it was still an important part of people’s lives – as it should be.

Night & Day

With regard to agency news we have a number of new ladies to show you on our ladies page! Nicole is young with long dark hair, Amber is blonde, sexy and fun and Rebecca is friendly and busty. Read about them and see the results of their sexy photoshoots here. These ladies are happy to escort you around the South of England including Portsmouth and Southampton – learn about the areas on our location pages.

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