Thinking of Paying for an Escort? What You Need to Know

Thinking of Paying for an Escort? What You Need to Know

If you’re thinking of engaging the services of an escort, you might well wonder about the expected etiquette and how to go about finding the right services. We get lots of questions of this nature and so have compiled some advice below.

Firstly, if you have any questions about Night & Day or how we operate – you can view our helpful rates and FAQ section here.

Don’t Trust Everything You See on the Web

Oftentimes, websites will not post up genuine pictures of their escorts. We have had our photos stolen by agencies who try to pass them off as their own. For that reason don’t trust everything you see! The look and feel of the website is also important – look for consistency and a website that’s clearly been invested in, not thrown up at the last minute with inconsistent photos that have been stolen or “scraped” and are not the property of the site that they’re on. Watermarked photos are also a good indication of a genuine site and service.

Take Your Time

If you choose the first site you see, the chance are you could end up disappointed. Do your research and make sure you’re happy with your choice of agency – you should feel comfortable and excited, not anxious.

Read the Website’s Content

Oftentimes, people will have a lot of answers to the questions that’ll likely already be on the website (assuming the agency is reputable). A quick read of these can help ease any anxieties and help you understand the process.

Be Wary of Reviews

Our reviews are all genuine and you can access them on our testimonials page. However, take reviews you see around the web with a pinch of salt as a number of them can be fake. Look for signs you’re reading about a real person and not a fake profile.

Be Polite

It sounds obvious but we’ve all had some bad experiences. Be on time, be polite – and enjoy your experience!

Welcome Back Joanna!

In other agency news we’re delighted to welcome back sexy, mature escort Joanna. You can view her stunning photos here and we’re thrilled to welcome her back from her busy career for a few hours per week.

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