The Most Popular Times and Days of the Week for Having Sex

The Most Popular Times and Days of the Week for Having Sex

We’ve got lots of averages this week! From when we like to do it, to how often we do it and on which day of the week. Read on for the results.

Top Tens

The top ten is in – here’s just when we’re most up for getting frisky in the bedroom!

1. Sunday at 9am
2. Saturday at 10.30pm
3. Saturday at 11.30pm
4. Friday at 10.30pm
5. Saturday at 10.30am
6. Saturday at 11.30am
7. Friday at 10.30pm
8. Saturday at 11.15pm
9. Saturday at 9.30pm
10. Sunday at 9.30pm

Weekends make up ALL of the top ten – a little time off is exactly what we need to get in the mood then it seems!

And at the other end of the scale:

1. Monday at 4.45pm
2. Monday at 3pm
3. Tuesday at 5.30pm
4. Tuesday at 9pm
5. Thursday at 8am
6. Thursday at 1.30pm
7. Monday at 8am
8. Wednesday at 7.30am
9. Friday at 5pm
10. Saturday at 5pm

Go figure! The working week is not a popular time…

Playing the Averages

Next, how often are we doing it? The colloquial amount is supposedly 3 times a week (2.5 if we’re being precise). However a new study suggests it’s more like 3 times a month.

Think this seems low libido-wise? Well despite this, we seem pretty satisfied with our sex lives. For those who are unsatisfied, it’s a quantity thing – rather than a quality thing. As we’ve discussed previously too, some of the happiest with their sex lives were the over 60s.

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