Sex Tech: Mindblowing Things Today’s Sex Toys Can Do

Sex Tech: Mindblowing Things Today’s Sex Toys Can Do

This year’s Glamour Sex Toy Awards (yes – such a thing exists and we love it!) revealed some mind-blowing sex tech that can get us off in new, intense and wonderful ways! Here are some of our favourites to teach us a thing or two about just how far sex toys have come (no pun intended).

His n’ Hers

If you’re in a long distance relationship you might want to invest in Lovense Teledildonics. Aside from having a mouthful of a name (again… no pun intended), this toy set is the perfect way to get up close and personal with your partner without actually being in their vicinity. It includes a rabbit vibrator for him, a sleeve vibrator for her and each moves remotely in response to the other. So while the girl is moving the vibrator, the man will feel air around the sleeve to imitate vaginal contractions. And while he’s pumping away, she’ll feel the head of the vibrator rotate according to his thrusts. High tech indeed!

Big Data

The Lioness is a smart vibrator containing sensors that record temperature, pressure and vaginal movements. It then combines all the data into a lovely chart to show when you orgasm, how long it takes you to get turned on, when in your cycle you orgasm most easily and more.

Sex Enhancer

The Lily 2 is the last sex enhancer you’ll ever need. Sliding easily between you and your partner it fits wherever you want and has 8 settings with an ergonomic design ready for you to enjoy.

Multitasking Mastery

The clever clean up kit from Naturalove is the greatest bit of multitasking tech we’ve ever seen! It charges and sanitises your toys simultaneously and was funded through Kickstarter. It uses a special UV-C light to clean its dirty contents too.

Subtle Silk

Want to make sure you always have some lube on you in case of emergencies? The Amelia Lube Vial Necklace subtly conceals its silky contents to make surprise encounters extra special.


This double ended vibrator looks like a pair of headphones… but it certainly isn’t. It bends into any shape desired for couples foreplay. Pick any combination of her on her, him on him or her on him… this little toy can handle them all.

Old Faithful

You can’t complete a list like this without mentioning the magic wand. It’s been around since the 60’s and it’s showing no signs of going away soon. Strong, powerful, rechargeable… what’s not to love?

We celebrate the fact that dedicated technicians the world over are working so hard to make our sex lives even greater and more high tech than before! Don’t forget that our lovely ladies are up for having some fun too in the Southampton and surrounding areas. Take a look at their photos on our ladies page. You can also see the complete awards list here.

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