Sexual Fetishes: More Turn-on Than Taboo

Sexual Fetishes: More Turn-on Than Taboo

Sexual fetishes have been enjoying more airtime in the mainstream media for a number of years now, however it’s still interesting to read about how people are enjoying them – and of course seeing what’s popular!

Just How Popular Are Fetishes?

A 2016 survey from Ann Summers reported that 75% of respondents in a group of 2,300 people said they had a festish – and we’re more open to sharing what they are now too, with a newer 2018 survey showing BDSM as our firm favourite.

An additional survey published just recently from sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt dug deeper into what our favourite fetishes are, and how many of us are enjoying them. Top takeaways include…

  • Attitudes toward fetishes vary: 40% in this survey reported being intrigued by fetishes, 22% were all for them however 18% found them slightly odd
  • 40% believe they have a fetish: As what one person might consider a fetish may vary to another person’s viewpoint, just over 40% believe they do
  • People are open about their tastes: 53% in this survey had told their partners about their fetish
  • BDSM is the most popular: We’ve read this numerous times – but fetishes involving humiliation and power were the most exciting to respondents
  • Most are confident about their skills in the bedroom: 80% were confident or somewhat confident in their sexual abilities – we love this stat!
  • Submissive activity is preferred by most: When comparing dominant and submissive types, a higher percentage of women – and it turns out men too – prefer to be submissive
  • 24% have tried a threesome: This is fascinating! Nearly a quarter have tried a threesome or an orgy
  • 50% have tried BDSM: In fitting with other findings, half of respondents have given BDSM a try (this spectrum is diverse so it will cover a range of activities)
  • A third have tried role playing: Apparently, the most popular role play is to pretend you and your partner are strangers – it’s a great way to spice things up for the evening!

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