Top Five Sexual Kinks

Top Five Sexual Kinks

We love these kinds of posts! From spanking through to sex toys, we’ve got some interesting stats on the top five kinks we enjoy the most.

A near enough fifty fifty split of guys and gals answered questions about their favourite fetishes and revealed all. The majority were in their 20s and 30s.


The most popular kink from the survey was BDSM. A third of participants had tried it for the first time in their 20s, and around 17% had never given it a go – although 14% wanted to try it.

Sex in Public

The risk of getting caught is a huge turn on for a number of us as we opt to go at it in a public place. The demographic for this sort of turn on is younger – 43% had done this below the age of 20; a third had tried it in their 20s and nearly 8% hadn’t tried it but were curious to give it a go.

As for the preferred location – somewhere green! 26% prefer to do it in a park, forest, field or garden.

Role Play

Naughty role play made it into third place. Thirty percent had given it a go in their 20s and one fifth were willing to give it a go even though they hadn’t tried it themselves. Pretending to each other that you’re strangers was revealed to be the hottest role play fantasy.

Sex Toys

With sex toys for her and for him becoming more and more sophisticated, trying these with your partner is a big turn on – and something half of us have done.


A third of us have given spanking a go in our 20s and it rounds out the top five perfectly!

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