Top Loving Trends from the Last Year

Top Loving Trends from the Last Year

We learned a lot about sex in 2017 – from geographical divides to our favourite positions and who likes it how. So what did we learn? A lot!

We Don’t Enjoy a Standing 69

Or any type of 69 really! But we really don’t like it standing up… Women far prefer missionary, cowgirl and spooning whereas for guys it’s much more of an anal attraction! Go figure.

Not Many Women can Orgasm with Penetration Alone

Not even 20% can in fact. And for those that can – clitoral stimulation still makes their orgasm stronger.

What Counts as Sex is Subjective

The definitions of sex are malleable! It’s not all about penetration – toys, oral and anything else goes apparently.

Kink is King

We’re all getting kinkier! Nipple play and spanking are increasing in popularity.

Love and Lust

Love at first sight? Nope – it’s more likely to be lust. We just want to get into bed with that person… sounds good to us.

Short and sweet – it’s been a colourful year, between the sheets and out. Here’s to 2018 and more fun in the bedroom!

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