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Rosies photos

Hello everyone, what a lovely weekend, lets hope we have a few more like this before Autumn creeps in. After a longer wait than anticipated, here are Rosie's choice from her recent photo shoot. I know a few gentleman have been asking for what do you think........worth the wait?  I think so. As you will have noticed there is a photo of Rosie and Anna, yes, they can be booked Read More

……and there’s more

As promised last night, there are some new photos of Nicole on her profile page now. I have spent a lovely few hours with Nicole this afternoon,  going through her photos and deciding which to put on the site. It really was not a very easy decision, Nicole is so photogenic and there are so many good ones to chose from. So, we have decided to add a few every Read More

Photos uploaded

Hello again, here's another update for all you guys, patiently awaiting the new photos. I have just uploaded photos of Olivia, Anna,  Eden and Sophia (her photo is used for this post). I am meeting with Nicole tomorrow and then, once she has given her approval, I will upload her new photos too. I know some of you guys are waiting for Rosies' new pics, well she is on holiday Read More