Fabulous news!

Well hello 😊

It’s fantastic to say that we will be coming back as of Monday 17th May!! Wow, it’s been a longtime coming, but we are coming out of this… last 😊

Small but important changes

Obviously, we have to do this as cautiously and carefully as possible. We have had to think about this and work out the best way forward. We need to ensure we are as COVID secure as possible. The ladies you will be meeting, will be lateral flow home testing, twice a week. We ask that if you feel poorly in anyway, you reschedule your appointment. We also ask that as much as is humanly possible, all bookings are pre arranged. I think this will make life easier for all.

Also, during this first period of opening, we will not be accepting new clients. If all goes to plan and the all restrictions are lifted for the 21st June, then we will happily accept new clients again. I’m sorry about this, but safety is paramount and even more so in these trying times. I’m certain during this transition period you will bear with us. Ok, I think that’s the housekeeping side out of the way 😊.

So, Monday it is……….I will have the phone line open on Sunday from 11am-7pm to enable you to make bookings for the following week, also text or email requests are also available from now.

I’m so excited to be back, it’s going to be fantastic arranging meetings for you, I know you’ve missed us and I have most certainly missed you all.

So today and tomorrow I’ll be updating the website, any lady that is available will appear on there, also don’t forget to check out the ‘ladies without photos’ page as there will be a small selection on there as well.

Thank you for bearing with us during the pandemic, I promised that we would come back.

Massive love and virtual hugs to you all

Jenny xx

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