Feeling Foxy and Top Turn Offs

Feeling Foxy and Top Turn Offs

The NY Post has reported on a lack of confidence that women feel in the bedroom. This and top turn offs below…

10% Don’t Feel Confident

This was a sad statistic to read as we love women to feel confident! Sex is a time for enjoying each other – and our bodies. However new research around body and sexual confidence has revealed that this is not the case. Ten percent of women and 3% of men are not confident in their bodies or abilities during sex.

One therapist commented that unrealistic expectations portrayed by the media are partly responsible for this. And Despite a bigger awareness of photoshop editing and the above, there is still much ground to make up in empowering men and women alike about their bodies.

Confident Positions

Missionary is more comfortable for women when it comes to feeling body confident whereas being on top or in the reverse cowgirl is the least.

Better with Age

Women and men become more confident in their bodies with age though – 22% aged 55 to 64 report always feeling confident about their bodies in comparison to just 7% of those aged 18 to 24.

Top Turn Offs in the Bedroom

No surprises here! The most off-putting thing you can do when being intimate? Farting is THE big no no! Closely followed by period sex and being unclean down below before oral sex.

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