Ladies awaiting photos

Some ladies for discretionary purposes prefer not to have photos

Ladies awaiting photos

Ladies who who are awaiting  photos:

We now have quite a selection of ladies awaiting photos at present and what an absolute joy they all are:


Amber is a very pretty lady who is 28 years old. She is a slim dress size 8-10, 5’8 tall and a 34c bust. Amber has shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. This young lady is very down to earth, exceptionally easy to get along with, very natural and chatty. 

Amber was with us early last year for a month or so and it’s very nice to welcome her back to the team again. 




Fiona is an attractive lady in her early 40’s who has recently joined the Night & Day mature ladies team.
She is a shapely dress size 12-14 with a 34b bust. Fiona is a pint size 5’2 tall with a warm smile and a bubbly personality. She is friendly, kind and will make you feel at ease from the moment you meet her.
Fiona is totally new to escorting and is a very welcome addition to our team here.
She will be available a few evenings in the week.


I think a few gentlemen will remember Joanna, she was with us at the early part of last year. Unfortunately for us, (but of course most fortunately for her)  Jo’s career took off and it meant that she could not commit her time to Night and Day activities. Well, luckily now, things have settled down and she is back with us, for a few limited hours per week.

Joanna is in her early 40s, she’s pretty, a really nice genuine lady. She is a slim, size 8 lady, 5’6 tall and a 36d bust.

She has dark, blonde hair, blue eyes and is a non smoker. You’ll find Joanna to be very friendly, happy and warm and fun to be around.

Joanna is an all round, nice, grounded, natural lady.

Welcome back Jo, from the Team here at N&D, we missed your happy, smiling face!


Wonderful sexy Rosie is the newest younger member of our team. She is 27 years old, very pretty, with long blonde hair and green/blue eyes.

Rosie is a slim dress size 10, 5’4 tall and an ample, but natural 34D bust.

This gorgeous, funny and caring young ‘English Rose’, certainly knows how to look after herself. She’s well groomed, well-spoken and has impeccable manners. Rosie also has the most gleaming white smile of all of our ladies.

Rosie, even though totally new to escorting, is extremely open minded, adventurous and has an immense sense of fun.

There is nothing not to like about this lady. If asked to describe her in one word, the word would be wholesome! An extremely welcome addition to our younger team of ladies. 

Rosie is also happy to meet you with Hayley. A most perfect duo, intelligent, sexy, well-spoken and playful. What more could you ask for!

Recent testimonial for Rosie:

Just thought I’d let you know how my visit from Rosie went….OMG…wow… one of, if not the most awesome visits I’ve had….what an absolute, stunningly beautiful girl Rosie is…! Such a delight to chat with and a total joy to spend time with. Shane (Alton)



Rosie was a beautiful, adventurous and the most sexy lady I have ever had from your agency. C (Ocean Village)


 Rebecca (Becky)

This pretty young lady is 27 years old. She has a great sense of humour, is confident, fun and exceptionally easy to get along with.

Rebecca is 5’1 tall, a dress size 10-12 with a natural 34DD bust. She has long brown hair and green eyes.

Rebecca has never escorted before, but I feel you’ll really like her and it won’t be long before she’s a firm favourite within the agency.



Shelley is mature (age 41), well-educated lady who has a high-end career. She loves to develop herself through reading and learning. She enjoys keeping fit, has a polished look and takes pride in her body (dress size 6-8, petite height 5.1, 34c bust with curves). She is passionate, classy and sensual with a naughty nature! She has a dry sense of humour, loves to laugh and doesn’t take life too seriously. She loves men who smell good. She is happy to take the lead or be led. With her ability to get along with just about anybody she is a perfect companion and will ensure an enjoyable experience.

Recent testimonial for Shelley:

Shelley is amazing. I defy any man not to be wowed by her. P (Southampton)



What a pretty young lady Nicole is! She is a 22yr old student, originally from Europe, but has lived in the UK for quite a few years.

Nicole has very long black hair, which cascades in ringlet curls. She has the deepest brown eyes and a wonderful white smile. Her accent sounds  like a sexy French accent and her English is perfect having lived here with her family for years.

She is a slim size 8 with an ample 32d bust and is 5’5 tall.

She is relaxed in her outlook to life, but very focused on her Uni course and potential career afterwards.

Nicole has never escorted before, so may initially appear shy, but I believe as she warms and feels comfortable in your company, you will be more than rewarded with this cute, young lady. She’s an absolute delight!

Recent testimonials for Nicole:

I wanted to say how pleased I was with my appointment with Nicole last night. 

She was such a sexy, beautiful girl and just as importantly had a lovely and fun personality. David (Southampton)


I have seen many ladies through your agency for quite few years now. I would put Nicole in the top if I have to choose. A real discovery on your part. Beauty, grace and personality. She has the diminutive feminine charm which will win any mans heart. And oh yes, she has a fantastic figure and a gorgeous smile. Xx J (Southampton)


Nicole is a lovely young lady with amazing assets and radiating beauty!! She is extremely accommodating and you will fall in love straight away!! she is very soft spoken and lets all of your fantasies come true! Luke (Portsmouth)




Joining our fabulous team of mature ladies, I am happy to introduce you to this lovely, extremely petite 36 year old.

Abigail or Abi to her friends, is fun, friendly and a little foxy!  She is chatty, possesses a fabulous sense of humour and will keep you entertained for hours. She described herself to me as a ‘pocket rocket’!

Abi is open minded, she’s totally new to escorting and is very optimistic about her new venture.

Abi stands 4’11 barefoot, but like all ladies, she loves her heels, and is then around 5’1 tall, she has cute size 3 feet. She is a petite dress size 6-8, with a 36b bust. She has long dark brown hair and green eyes. She is also a non-smoker.

Abi is understanding and very caring in her nature. I am certain you are going to have a wonderful time with Abigail.

She prefers to visit you in the north Hampshire/ Surrey borders, but, she will travel further afield for a longer appointment.