Paris: From the City of Love to the City of Lust

Paris is renowned for its romance. A stroll down the Champs-Élysées, a trip up the Eiffel Tower and… a spot of infidelity? From the city of love to the city of delicious debauchery; orgies, threesomes and bisexuality abound in this beloved city… and Paris just became SO much more fun! So let’s start the New Year off with some new numbers to brighten up this gloomy January month.

Long Live Liberalism

The survey from polling institute Ifop describes the city as a haven for sexual minorities. The number of sexual partners per Parisian is significantly higher than London coming in (no pun intended) at 19 (London is 11). Almost 20% of Parisian men declare themselves gay or bisexual which is considerably higher than the rest of the country where this figure is 11%. Interestingly, there is also a divide between Eastern and Western Paris with Western Paris being more conservative when it comes to sexual activities.

Single Fun

A higher proportion of the Parisian population is single too – 43% which is 10% higher than the rest of the country. Where there is an even wider gap is the long term relationship contingent; 25% of Parisians are involved in a long term relationship vs. 41% in the rest of France. However 58% in a relationship have cheated on their partner – well above half! Details don’t seem to matter either as 44% of Parisians have slept with someone without even knowing their name!

Sexual Fun

Twenty nine percent of Parisians have engaged in a threesome, 18% have frequented a swingers’ club, 22% have taken part in an orgy and 44% have had sex in a public place. Thirty eight percent have also slept with an escort.

Trip to Paris anyone?

Night & Day Update

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