Bedroom Ruler: What Makes Us Measure Up?

Bedroom Ruler: What Makes Us Measure Up?

This week we’ve taken our ruler out… metaphorically of of course, to look at what exactly makes us measure up in the bedroom.

What We Like

Almost 90% of us are keeping it simple when it comes to good loving – we want an enthusiastic and caring partner to enjoy sex with. Communication, reaching orgasm and being a good kisser are other important elements that maximise our enjoyment in the bedroom.

What We Don’t Like

We’re not so keen on talking it turns out – too much chatting and we’re dialled all the way down to zero. We’re also not patient it seems (who cares if it’s a virtue) – if the sex isn’t great, we tend not to give it much of a chance before we part ways. But who knows what we may be missing out on by doing so!

Like a Fine Wine

Like a fine wine, sex also gets better with age – 50 and 60 year olds are having most fun between the sheets. Reasons cited for this are that older people tend to be more comfortable with their bodies as well as not as afraid to speak up about what they like and dislike in the bedroom – we say bravo!

What Makes Us Stray?

In another interesting story, Ashley Madison have released a survey revealing the reasons why so many of us are tempted to stray from our partners.

It’s no secret that relationships can be hard work long term – and sex forms a significant part of this. When things get samey in the bedroom and in other facets of our relationships due to neglect from both parties, we tend to look for qualities like affection and friendship (not just sex) outside of our relationship instead of working on it.

We can all be guilty of this and as Ashley Madison has over 54 million married members looking for a little extra marital fun, we’ll take the results of the survey as fairly valid. Although we don’t enjoy the idea of cheating, it’s happening throughout the world – maybe we all need to experiment a little more with our naughty sides – and each other.

Our Beautiful Ladies

Intimate news aside, we have a number of beautiful ladies awaiting photos on our website; Becky, Shelley, Hayley, Nicole and Abigail. Learn a little about them here.

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